In today’s fast paced world, customers want engaging content. Content that is mobile-friendly and easy to access from their smartphones on the go. Businesses that want to engage with their customers as well as gain new ones must adapt to the every changing flow. The way you used to do business where you posted an ad online or did a email blast every once in awhile is just not enough to hold your potential client’s interest much less attention.

Brand engagement with those that are looking for their good or services will differentiate themselves from their competition by interacting and being found.

No matter your brand, it is time to engage online, your customers are waiting.

Social media channels of brands especially small businesses many times go left unattended. If you have not posted within the last week or so, you likely have lost customers. They are not interested in doing business with a brand that is not interested in them. And yes, they will leave you for someone else without thinking twice.

Lack of engagement shows lack of interest, whether true or not, perception is reality.

Same goes for your company website. If your site is aged and has not had any recent post activity. Your brand is perceived to be stale.

If you suffer from broken links, poor images or your site’s user experience is below par. It may be time to redesign and refresh your site. You might think you don’t have time or the know how to make your site come alive. There are web designers that would be more than happy to help you out and get you up to speed with your clients and their needs.

Have you gotten a 5 star review from a enthusiastic client, yet you did not respond? A few seconds of your time could easily create a return loyal customer and even generate new ones.

No longer is it okay to think that just because your company is on social media that means you are socially relevant.

Having a website is no longer enough, your visitors want interaction. In the age of chatbots and AI, a site with a “please email us at” is no longer enough.

Is your company “voice friendly”? That means when they search for a restaurant, dog groomer, or whatever “near them” are you the one being found? You might be thinking that is crazy as you say “Ok Google” or “Hey Alexa” in your home, office or just on your phone. Voice is not only the future it is now.

No matter the way you choose to engage with your customers, the key is that you do. You spend time, energy, and money creating your brand. It is time you spend similarly on engaging with your customers the way they want to be engaged.

How are you engaging with your customers? We would love to hear your thoughts on the future of brand engagement. Leave a comment and share your thoughts and ideas below.