3 Reasons Why WordPress is Best For Your Non-Profit Website , #wordpress, #webdesign, #nonprofit, #webdesign jacksonvilleDid you know that WordPress is now powering 28% of the web?

Everyone knows by now that your website is the digital first impression of your company, or as Nonprofithub.com likes to call it “a window into the soul of your organization.”

And when done right, it is the gift that keeps on giving for your volunteers and donors alike.

In this article, I will break down why WordPress is dominating the industry, and why it is the only content management system I use to build websites for my non-profit clients.

But first, what is a WordPress Content Management System?

It isn’t just a tool for building a website,  it also keeps your web presence organized and maintained over time without having to use code, and… it’s FREE to use!


The ease of use when it comes to WordPress blows other content management systems out of the water. Whether you are the CEO, a volunteer or employee updating blogs, the WP platform can be taught to anyone on your team no matter what their technical skills are. The writing and publishing interface along with formatting, inserting images and links is as simple to learn as Microsoft Word!


For smaller organizations looking to experience major growth over the next 5 or 10 years, you won’t ever have to worry about upgrading to another platform because WordPress is designed to scale based on your needs. From one page sites all the way up to multi-page sites with large amounts of content, WordPress can handle it all.


WordPress prides itself on making security it’s top priority. Some examples of non-profits that are powered by WP are The Jane Goodall Institute, CURE International and the We Promise Foundation.web design may not be the top of a nonprofits list. nonprofit webdesign

According to WordPress developer Matt Mullenberg, WordPress is widely used and trusted by some of the largest and most security-focused organizations in the world. But there are some tips and best practices that you will want to verse yourself in such as password protection, running updates and carefully selecting plug-ins to prevent hackers.

There are dozens of more features and capabilities such as themes, plugins, and widgets that I am more than happy to teach my clients!

At HeartWired Technical we are passionate about serving non-profit organizations and take pride in building beautiful, customized and practical WordPress websites that our clients love.

Please reach out to us today if you are looking to revamp your current website or build a new one!