Is your website in disrepair and in need of a fresh look for the New Year?

Perhaps you don’t have a website. Or are well, just not up to the challenge or frustration to create one out of the box.

Where to Shop for Web Designers you might ask…

Web designers create your story online, choose wisely.

Photo by Christopher Gower on Unsplash

First stop look online… do you see a website that grabs your attention? Good chance the designer put their stamp on the site in the footer. Worse case you can always check and see what theme they at least used by looking it up on sites like WPTD. That way you have a starting point of what you might like when you find your web designer. Be sure to save the link, you will likely find many that you “like”, this will make your life and that of the designers much easier…trust me.

After you have found a couple of web designers of interest, check out their work. Now many people think this means check out their other clients, and it does, sort of. Their work is composed of more than just their “web designs.” Check out their Facebook page, are they promoting their clients or just themselves? Do they provide value or just one sales pitch “hire me now” after another?

Next stop, check out their Instagram, this will show snippets of their creativity. Also, you can find out a lot about a company or person by what they are willing to share, or better yet what they have the common sense not to share at times.

Web designers have control of your digital marketing reputation when you hire them. You entrust them to build a website that reflects you, your story, your brand.

You likely check out restaurants before eating at them, contractors before allowing them into your home or place of business. The same due diligence should be used when hiring someone to create your online marketing. A website is open 24/7 and can be a great marketing tool for your small business, organization, non-profit or corporation. By hiring the right designer with a knack for putting their clients first. You will benefit by allowing them to tell your story as well as they tell theirs.

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