Advertising your business ever feel like you are throwing good money after bad?

So you ran a bunch of online or print ads and the return (ROI) seems so small.

You have a great product, fantastic window space of your store, yet getting customers to come inside is like pulling teeth (of course if you are a dentist or oral surgeon this is a good thing).

How do you get them to know you are there?

Ever “Google” or “Bing” yourself?

Okay, that second one just sounds silly…but.

Did you know that your digital reputation goes farther than what is on Google? In fact, Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp are all just the beginning. They simply are the most common ways people search for businesses.

Imagine if you could control the information that your customers and potential clients see beyond Google. What if the information was the same everywhere they looked?

Sure you have your main “listings” up to date. Are they reflecting identical information? How easily can you change them if something was to change? Better yet how quickly can you change hours, menus, services, specials…Everywhere…

That means updating all the main search engines, in fact over 70 places, at once, within 24-48 hours all the sites are the same. What could that do for your business?

Instead of looking like numerous people tried to fill out the tedious forms each search engine requires. All you need to do to maintain your digital reputation is to provide the updates or changes once. By providing your clients correct information the first time, you eliminate their wanting to search elsewhere. Not only will all the new information that you put out about your company be consistent, but the errors that already exist will be scrubbed clean.

Whether it is local SEO, a product or special you are running, or simply your hours of operation and phone number, Your businesses digital reputation matters. Being able to maintain what your customers see in one place is ideal.

We now offer digital reputation management as both a service included in some of our web design packages, but also as an a la carte service to anyone. If you want a way to manage your online presence on a regular basis or simply want to correct what is currently out there. Contact us to learn more.