Most people like to think they have a great website that is appealing visually. Picking and vetting a web agency in Jacksonville can be a different story. Having a vision and taking it from an idea to a finished product can be overwhelming. Wanting to take on designing a website, many soon realize that they may not have the technical knowledge, patience, or time to create their vision to their own satisfaction. This is where picking a web agency to create your website can help.

Finding and hiring a web agency in Jacksonville is easy. Vetting the right agency that has the web professionals skilled for your project might not be as easy. Our designers and developers at HeartWired are trained professionals that will guide you through the process of designing your website. Whether you are a start-up just starting out or an established business in need of a redesign. Our focus is to create and tell your business’s story in a way only you can.

Let’s discuss what five tips we have to vetting a web agency in Jacksonville.

Determine your budget

While this may seem a logical step, we have found many clients who have no idea what their budget is. Having a budget in mind will help you eliminate those web agencies that are simply outside of what you are willing or able to spend. It also helps you establish guidelines upfront when selecting an agency to work with.

Check References

One way to find a web design professional in Jacksonville is to ask their previous clients. Hopefully, you can find some testimonials on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and others as a starting point. It is also important to ask the web agency during your discovery consultation if they have references they would be willing to share. A great way to vet the agency is by the words of others.

Storyboard Your Vision

Having a vision for your business will make the design and development process simpler for all involved. Using a storyboard or some other process to iron out the majority of your business vision before shopping for a web agency in Jacksonville will make the vetting and hiring process simpler. In addition by having a vision, you will eliminate potential scope creep that is encountered when you are not sure what you want.

Watch out for Trendy Designers

This may sound a little counterintuitive but hear us out. We firmly believe the trends that appear in the design space many times are gorgeous..but. Those trends tend to lack longevity. What is popular today could be outdated in a year or two. Having a focus on modern design versus trendy will help your website from becoming the next GeoCities page.

Make Sure You Own Your Website

We cannot stress this enough. So many agencies find it appropriate to hold their clients’ site ransom by controlling the ownership. Whether the agency offers ongoing services and support (and they should) your ownership is not a bargaining chip. When we build a website for our fellow small businesses in Jacksonville, we are more than willing to give our clients access to their site. This includes access to the WordPress dashboard along with their database as they so desire. So many times we hear horror stories about clients who have no access to the website they paid for, and we simply do not understand that methodology.

Agencies in Jacksonville as well as elsewhere that operate with transparency and integrity should have no problem being vetted. They know their work, as well as the relationships with their clients, speak for themselves.

We at HeartWired hope you have enjoyed these 5 tips on vetting a web agency in Jacksonville. While this list is only the beginning, we pray that it has given you a good understanding and foundation for starting your web development process.

We love serving our local community in Jacksonville, FL as well as elsewhere. If you or someone you know could use a new website, please share these tips and contact us to discuss your website vision.