So you run a small business or perhaps you are looking to start one. Want to know one of the best ways to make a lasting impression on your customers? It is not just your logo or your website, its how you use your website that matters.

There are some changes, many times simple ones that can make the world of difference to your customers. We will share some ways you can tweak your current website so that it resonates with your customers.

Ways to use your website to make a lasting impression:

Storytelling – We are not talking about your about page, or even your bio. Truth be told your customers many times never even read those pages. Your story should be transparent as well as compelling. Sharing your company’s story should be weaved throughout your website in a way that it is remembered even if your site is not.

Credibility – A website many times is the first ‘impression’ a customer will have of your business. Making your website visually attractive and professional will go a long way. When your website message is clear and compelling with great content visitors will begin to trust you. Provide content that is relevant to your industry and leverages your expertise will make a lasting impression as you become their go-to resource.

Call to Action – Your customers come to your site for a purpose. With that purpose in mind, it should align with your ask. Your ask should be clear and placed appropriately where they are looking. Your call to action should be in several places on the homepage of your site. Make sure you place your call to action at the top of the page, the middle of the page as well as towards the bottom. Doing so will give your customers different opportunities as well as reminders to take action.

Homepage – Unless you are utilizing landing pages for promotions or lead generation, the most visited page of your site is your homepage. You have only a few seconds to make a lasting impression on your homepage. It needs to be clean, eye-catching. Your homepage should provide relevant information that your customers are looking for. This is your place to really shine and set yourself apart from your competition. You should use your homepage to briefly tell them the solution you are providing that solves their problem.

Make it Easy – No one wants to visit a website that is hard to navigate. Make it confusing or cumbersome and they will never stick around for your compelling message or anything else. Use the navigation menu appropriately and keep it simple. Your customer is looking for information about the products or services that you sell. They are not interested in being bombarded with popups or irrelevant information that does little beyond confuse and irritate the visitor.

Put in the Work – Make your website one that stands out from others. This will entail more time, budget, and effort. Planning the design in an insightful user-friendly way will make a lasting impression. It should be an enjoyable experience for your customers rather than a task. Use the latest in design features, don’t be afraid to adjust, do some A/B testing to see what works. Your website represents you and your brand and you put so much hard work into creating your brand, your website should also represent the same level of work.

Accessibility – Everyone says that ‘everyone is not your client’ right? That does not mean that everyone should not be able to use your website. When you make your website accessible and user-friendly to everyone, you show that your business cares. Even if your customer does not have an accessibility issue, they will take note that you put forth the effort to make the website usable by anyone of any capability.

Interested in learning more about how to use your website to make a lasting impression on your customers? We at HeartWired are happy to discuss ways that you can improve your website and its messaging. Schedule a complimentary discovery session today to discuss. If you are completely happy with your website and its message that is great as well.