Why Choose Growth Suite for Your Agency and Clients

Why Choose Growth Suite for Your Agency and Clients

Web hosting in and of itself can be confusing for both agencies and clients alike. Understanding the differences between the options available can be an unnecessary headache. Imagine if you could not only provide next-level web hosting but also streamline your invoicing, track revenue, improve communication, and provide a clear invoicing option for your clients. Enter Growth Suite by Flywheel, a hosting and invoicing solution for both agencies and clients.

HeartWired has been a Agency partner with Flywheel for a little while now. Adding Growth Suite makes perfect sense for us as an agency. We are always looking for ways to streamline our processes and provide the best solutions for our clients.

Growth Suite For the Agencies

If you are an agency owner that currently uses Flywheel as your host, some great enhancements to your already awesome platform now include many processes under one umbrella.

One Dashboard

Imagine having all of your clients in one visible dashboard, no more clicking around from client to client.

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Reports for your Clients

Create monthly reports for your clients that matter. Growth Suite provides the ability to show backups of the site were created, plugins and themes are up to date (and those that are not). Integrate the new Google Analytics Add-On by Flywheel and provide them tangible data that they can use for their marketing.

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Invoicing with Style

Whether it is a one off invoice for a service or recurring invoicing for things like our hosting and maintenance plans, the customizable invoice platform makes things a breeze. One of the biggest headaches for a business owner can be invoicing. Having the ability to invoice not only for Flywheel products but all your services in one place is like a Goody’s powder washed down with an ice cold Mountain Dew in the morning. Okay that last part may just be me, but having a invoicing platform that integrates with Stripe and that you can set on autopilot, you have to admit is pretty great!

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Now there are many other wins from an agency perspective with Flywheel’s Growth Suite. As a Flywheel Agency Partner, we know this is just the beginning of the great things to come from Flywheel. We truly love the level of support we get from our hosting partner and look forward to growing with them. With a premier partner, we are able to offer the benefits to our clients as well.

Growth Suite For our Clients

From a client perspective, while you may not notice much difference in the way we invoice necessarily. We look forward to offering a better level of process as well as reporting that was not included previously. You might be wondering what this means as a client.

New Invoice Process

While we will still invoice for our reoccurring web hosting and maintenance services on a monthly basis, it will look a bit different. We will still accept credit card payments as we have in the past, but you will get more visibility in the services we provide for your site specifically. Our customized client reports will provide more insight into your website including stats, updates and other items that were not previously provided unless requested.

Client Reports

One of the best ways to know whether your marketing and your website are doing their job is with data. Data that is vital like knowing who is visiting your site, from where, how often, and whether they take any action. We are including client reports as a new service for our clients. If you want to receive a monthly report on your website, please contact us and let us know. This will likely become a paid add-on service in the future or included in our upcoming price increase. Current clients have the opportunity to have this added on as a complimentary service until August 31st, 2021.

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While Growth Suite may be built with agency owners in mind. We believe that with the team at Flywheel behind it, our clients will see the growth as well. Providing a seamless platform, automated emails, and the ability to manage invoicing and reporting in one place is a game changer.

At HeartWired we look forward to implementing Growth Suite and all of its functionality for our clients. As a small business that serves other small businesses, we look for partners that come alongside us in our journey. Flywheel is a partner that helps us level up the way we are able to serve our clients. They have been one of those partners that we recommend at every step of the way. Above all, it is refreshing when a partner truly wants us to succeed as well. Growth Suite is just another example of them looking for ways to improve their solution offerings. that we in turn are able to pass onto our clients.

If you would like more information on what Growth Suite offers or are interested in leveling up your web hosting contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Keeping Your Website in Motion with Flywheel Hosting

Keeping Your Website in Motion with Flywheel Hosting

Ever had a website go offline with a server error with no explanation?

Similar to the flywheel of your car, people take web hosting for granted until it breaks.

Spinning your tires when you need support for your site is no fun!

I cannot tell you the hours I have spent, not to mention the frustration trying to get an issue resolved only to be spun off and get transferred to another department.

All of that changed when I moved my web design agency from another web host to Flywheel. Any mechanic will tell you without the right tools, it does not matter what you know, same goes for hosting support.

With Flywheel WordPress hosting that does not get bogged down with email, hosting other products besides WordPress sites. Therefore they are able to provide optimum service on the services they provide. They have everything you need from a local host, cloning, staging, and more. Whether a web design agency like we are or a single site owner of a blog, they are the best choice by far when it comes to customer service, hosting.

With an all-around pleasant user experience, which truth be told is worth every penny in my book, why go anywhere else?

A worry-free host is invaluable these days.

With hacker-free security, blazing speeds, nightly backups and much more. I rest easy and am able to focus on my clients’ designs knowing that their hosting is in good hands.

There have been a couple times that I have contacted Flywheel for help. It was like taking my truck to the local mechanic that specialized in Ford trucks rather than the dealership that “specializes” in numerous makes and models. It is expedited personal service like this that keeps all my clients’ sites up and running. At the end of the day that is what matters most.

Add in a free SSL that is included rather than extra. This gives that extra layer of security to both clients and designer. This helps keep all the bearings greased up and running smoothly for our clients and their businesses that they run online.

Just as in any equipment or service, you get what you pay for. With Flywheel, you can count on their great team to help keep you up and running. From pain-free migrations to staging a new client. Flywheel is not only where I host my clients’ sites, but who I trust with my own hosting as well.

So if you are in the market for a new web host, we can help.

We only offer Flywheel hosting as our WordPress hosting provider if you host your site with us.