No more struggles with the Tech…

Do you find yourself stuck all the time because of technology? Do you ever reach the point of saying out loud “that’s it, I need an IT person to help me” Well with no shame at all, I am raising my hands up to the sky.

This is where Charles Johnston comes to our rescue.

Charles is a self-proclaimed ‘digital ninja’. He describes himself “a bit of a nerd that loves anything web or tech related”. Charles’s goal in life is to bring a bit of heart and compassion into IT by softening the blow for small to medium sized businesses and nonprofits needing to share their story.

If you are trying to figure out how to escape the technology traps that you often get caught up on, the team at Heart Wired Digital Solution is there for you. Like Charles says: he is mission-minded and purpose-driven in making the world a little better than he found it. So today he is here to share some of his great tips with you.


Take A Listen!