When you run a small business, you are consistently advertising your business in every activity you involve yourself with. About two years ago, our owner, Charles had a chance conversation at a fundraising event convert into a new nonprofit website at such a opportunity. September 2018, our local St. Matthew chapter of the Diocese of St. Augustine St. Vincent de Paul conference was having their annual “Friends of the Poor” fundraising and awareness walk in Riverside part of Jacksonville Florida’s north bank. Charles walking with his wife and they were in front of a gentleman by the name of Bart. Charles’ wife slowed her pace a little to chat with the gentleman. In amidst that conversation, the gentleman, happened to comment about the back of Charles’ shirt. As many times in public, Charles was wearing a HeartWired t-shirt. Charles slowed his pace and he and Bart engaged in conversation about St. Vincent de Paul, and Bart’s vision for the future of the organization.
“Charity is infinitely inventive.” ~ St. Vincent de Paul
Most leads that take a long time to convert, dry up. Rarely does a lead stick around over a few months much less years. Emails sent with little to no response. Having the prospect to work with such a great organization had all but been written off, yet Charles figured he would try one last time.

One more email, likely to be the last one, paid off.

Bart and Charles began discussing the web project again, about a year after the first conversation. What was thought to be a missed opportunity converted into a new website project, all of which happened by a chance conversation that converted.
Nonprofit website for The St. Augustine Diocesan Council Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Business success is dependent on marketing. Some marketers use cold calls, email campaigns, spamming their social media inboxes. Others still do it the simple tried but true way of having a conversation, developing a rapport and relationships. Allowing the seeds that were planted to flourish in their timing.
“No work of Charity is foreign to the Society”

This month, we finalized the nonprofit website for a  organization that locally had zero web presence.

This website will provide a place for people in need can find access to resources they need. St. Vincent de Paul helps with financial assistance for housing, utilities, and other family needs. Food assistance, clothing, furniture, and other household goods. All these services are provided by volunteer services and donations. All donations stay within the local community in which they serve. Every web design project we work on has its nuances. The St. Augustine Diocesan Council Society of St. Vincent de Paul website has been no exception. Now the site is live, we look forward to hearing how it changes lives for years to come. HeartWired was founded on the concepts of service and compassion, and we love working with clients like St. Vincent de Paul that mirror the same principles.
You are your brand, and your brand is you.
If you or someone you know can benefit from the services St. Vincent de Paul provides, we encourage you to contact your local council. If you or someone you know can benefit from your own chance conversation to convert into a new website design, we at HeartWired would love to discuss how we can help you and those you serve.